Brooklyn Water Bagel Company opening soon in South Tampa


Brooklyn Water Bagel Company is setting up shop at the corner of Kennedy and Dale Mabry in Tampa. The coming soon signs are up and those that crave New York bagels will soon be able to get their fix.  Many have said that New York City has the best bagels, with the perfect crust-to-chew ratio and just an overall better product. Anyone that has been part of this debate, knows that many believe it’s all in the New York City municipal tap ‘water’ that makes the difference. Brooklyn Water Bagel Company uses a special water filtration system that mimics the same system used in New York City to treat the tap water. The result is a pretty darn good bagel and the lines at most of the chains in South Florida show many agree.  

Brooklyn Water Bagel has a large menu with an expansive breakfast offering, from platters to sandwiches. Lunch is also offered with salads and sandwiches with some light offerings for health conscious diners. We don’t have a full menu on hand for the new location, but you can bet we will be one of the first to give them a try.

 We will bring you news of the Grand Opening of Brooklyn Water Bagels once it becomes available.


  1. Any word on when Brooklyn Water Bagel will open? I am in Bonita and go to the Boyton Beach one when visiting friends. I am screaming for one down here. Tampa is not close but maybe easier to reach when not on the east coast.