Dessert Spotlight – Nutella Bread Pudding at Del Frisco’s Grille in Tampa.


While the name of the dessert might draw your eye, it does not do this dessert justice. While many diners never seem to get to the dessert stage of a restaurant meal, you will want to make room for this one.   
The menu description is short and simple – Nutella Bread Pudding ($9) Coffee Ice Cream, Carmel Sauce. Don’t let this fool you into thinking this is a ‘menu filler’ option. We loved the presentation and the layers of flavor that seemed to change with every bite. The outside crust was just crisp enough to keep the interior super moist. The Nutella flavor was not overpowering and even those that prefer regular chocolate to Nutella will like this version. The Coffee Ice cream was subtle in flavor which really went well with the overall dish too and the caramel sauce was quite addictive. 

This might not be the biggest dessert dish to around, but for two of us it was perfect. We couldn’t think of a better way to end our perfectly seasoned and cooked (to a medium-rare) steak.

 Del Frisco’s Grille is located in the Met West Complex across from the International Plaza in Tampa’s Westshore District.  See our dinner review for Del Frisco’s Grille Tampa here