DRAMA BURGER now open in South Tampa. 


DRAMA BURGER recently opened on the corner of Kennedy and Armenia and is already making getting some good crowds. The Lithuanian-based chain picked Tampa as their first US location and from what we tasted on our first visit, there will be many more to come. 
We loved to see how good DRAMA BURGER re-purposed the former KFC/Chinese take-out restaurant and made the most out of the small interior. The black and white color scheme is unique and the drawings on the walls allow for many visually interesting features. The bar area holds a few stools and shows off the craft beer selection on tap. Tables around the restaurant filled up fast on our lunch visit and there are a few funky sofas with tables to chill out while enjoying the comfort food and beer.  

The menu shows off their meat, specifically house-made pastrami and burgers of different origins (beef, chicken, lamb, etc.) There are a few items for the vegetable lover, with portabella burgers, salads and some vegetable sides. Fries come in three varieties – Belgian, skinny and sweet potato. Sauces for burgers and fries are all house-made and as desserts are from scratch…which is very impressive. 

 Berlin Burger ($13.99) – Double beef patty, bacon, Home-made BBQ sauce, Chipotle mayo, fried Emental cheese, pickled cucumber, white onion, iceberg lettuce, spinach, arugula, brioche bun. Wow. This was a huge stacked burger and it did arrive and cause some DRAMA at the table. The presentation was artful and we actually thought the black and white décor made the food colors really pop. The beef was seasoned perfectly and everything was so fresh. The house-made sauces really added something special to this burger that you can’t find many places. This burger was Jeff’s choice and was huge, allowing for left overs to take home for later. 

 Chicken Burger ($8.99) – Chopped chicken patty, ginger-tomato jam, salad, relish, pickled onion, tarragon mayo. While much smaller than Jeff’s choice, this was a nice sized burger for sure. The chicken itself was ‘chopped’ rather than ground, resulting in a really unique burger that was really juicy and flavorful. The layers of flavor really worked well and we liked the slight ginger flavor of the ginger-tomato jam. 

 Belgian fries ($3.99) – This was the first time we had a ‘Belgian fry’ and we are hooked. They are larger than steak fries and have more of a potato flavor than skinny fries. There was also a unique flavor that we couldn’t put our finger on, like a spice of some kind. There were plenty to share and they even have some sauces for dipping for a slight up-charge. We felt they were great on their own, but would probably try the Truffle Tomato or Greek yogurt and cumin on our next visit.  

We were impressed and thought that DRAMA BURGER will be setting a new trend in burger joints. It’s great to have a craft burger spot in Tampa and we love the unique twists on flavors, not to mention the house-made sauces and meats. They definitely stand out in a burger-centric trend and think they will be around for a long time.

A few notes:

Parking can be a bit tight, so be sure to plan ahead. They also have take-out.

DRAMA BURGER is also offering some brunch items on the weekends, which is sure to cure any hang-over.

Pastrami is house made and a definite must-try.