Flavored Olives from Starbucks & ILoveSnacking.com

Olives ILoveSnacking

Starbucks is typically the place I stop in to get my morning caffeine fix. But I stopped in after lunch and was still slightly hungry. Something caught my eye as I was waiting to order. Small single serving packages of flavored olives at only 50 calories each. Being the impulse shopper I am, I had to buy one of each flavor.

Olives ILoveSnackingOlives ILoveSnackingOlives ILoveSnackingThe packages read their imported by Milas Foods LLC (never heard of them) and the olives are from Morocco (heard of it). I purchased all three flavors at $2.25 each. Each package had exactly 13 olives each.

Olives ILoveSnacking

  • Chili & Oregano – You can smell oregano, but not taste it over the very chili flavor and garlic

Olives ILoveSnacking

  • Basil & Garlic – Again, I could smell the basil, but not taste it. All I tasted was garlic.

Olives ILoveSnacking

  • Lemon & Rosemary – Very slight lemon flavor. Fooled be because I didn’t taste any rosemary.

Olives ILoveSnacking

Would I get them again, probably not. The flavors were just too mild for me or seemed completely off. But it’s better than choking down one of the dry scones or a sugary muffin.

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