Oreo Cookie Cotton Candy Review – Limited Edition

Oreo cookie cotton candy review

Oreo Cookie Cotton Candy Review.  We accidently came across this new cookie flavor on the shelves of our local Target store.  It was one of the last bags on the shelf.  Now it’s in my shopping cart.  I love cotton candy and was so excited to get to the checkout line.  The whole time I was wondering would it really taste like cotton candy?  Would it be overly sweet? Maybe Mark wouldn’t notice if I snuck one cookie on the drive home?  It’s only a five minute drive home so I’ll soon find out. Oreo cookie cotton candy reviewThe package is slightly but noticeably smaller than their regular cookie packages, probably because of the limited time short run.  Opening the re-sealable package, I could smell the hint of cotton candy.  Not overpowering.  Sandwiched between two yellow cake cookies is a light blue and pink swirled filling.  The same cotton candy colors you’d see at the fair.

Oreo cookie cotton candy review

The flavor is surprisingly good, again not too over powering or sweet.  Just enough for us to say ‘Yes, it tastes like cotton candy”.  And yes, before the week’s end, the entire bag was gone.

Oreo cookie cotton candy review

Our review of Nabisco’s Oreo Cotton Candy Cookie limited edition was surprisingly enjoyable.  Not sure how long they’re available on the shelves, but they are available here online.