Pipo’s Cafe Cuban Lunch Review

Pipos Cuban Cafe

Pipo’s Café is a small local Tampa chain of ‘cafeteria style’ Cuban Cafes.  Established in 1979, they have two locations that serve up breakfast and lunch with dinner served in the South Tampa location. 

Pipos Cuban Cafe

We stopped by their South Tampa MacDill Avenue location for a review.

Pipos Cuban CafeWe arrived a little after the lunch rush and found the staff still ‘recovering’ from the previous customers.  The restaurant is set up in a cafeteria style setting, with all of the hot dishes along the line providing the quickest service. 

Pipos Cuban Cafe

Sandwiches and a few specially prepared items are made to order and those are brought to your table when ready.

Pipos Cuban CafeRoast Pork plate ($8.95) – roast pork with two sides (yellow rice and plantains).  The portions were large and the quality was actually better than we expected. 

Pipos Cuban Cafe

Jeff liked the flavor of the roast pork, but felt that the rice was a little bland.  The plantains were sweet and of course Jeff saves these guys for the end of the meal dessert. Also, the meal included FREE Iced Tea.

Pipos Cuban Cafe

BBQ Rib plate  – BBQ ribs with two sides (black beans and yellow rice).  While I received three ribs, the cashier shouted to the staff “only two ribs per order, we are running out”.  I guess we were lucky!  The rib meat was tender and fell off the bone. 

Pipos Cuban Cafe

The BBQ sauce was not overly sweet and was different than ‘southern BBQ’, with more of a Latin flavor.  The black beans were tasty and when mixed with the yellow rice, made a great side item.

Pipos Cuban Cafe

While Pipo’s Café isn’t really our first stop for Cuban food in the area, it’s a great place to stop in and get a quick, hot, large portion meal.  The service is very quick if you stick to the pre-made hot items and the portions were large making it a great deal.  We would have liked to see the dining room a little more tidy, but we will attribute that to a busy lunch rush.

Pipo’s Café is located at 411 S MacDill Ave, Tampa, FL 33609

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